The Preservation Foundation


The Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach thrives as an organization committed to honoring and preserving Palm Beach’s original architectural treasures. The buildings and styles of Mizner, Wyeth, Fatio and Volk are as unique as they are important to the overall character and charm of Palm Beach. To this end, the foundation not only encourages education and appreciation for these historical structures, but the organization also works against the forces of speculation, development and degradation to ensure they remain a vital part of the community for generations to come.

The Archives and Library exist to sustain the mission of the foundation by collecting, preserving, organizing, and encouraging use of its historical documents and research materials. Maintained are a collection of books, historic documents, resource materials and photographs dealing with architecture, Palm Beach, Florida history, historic preservation, horticulture and landscape architecture. Housed in an impressive area on the first floor of the foundation’s headquarters, the archives and library have resources that are available to the community to use and enjoy.

The foundation is committed to research initiatives that will enhance its collections and document the histories of Palm Beach’s unique and significant properties. Books and archival materials are acquired through purchase, exchange, and donations. Decisions on acquisition are based on relevance to the foundation’s mission; on enhancing existing strengths within the collections; on current foundation programming, as well as the informational needs of the community; and, of course, on availability of funds. Donations are welcomed, particularly of out-of-print titles that relate to the foundation’s collection areas.

Use of the archives and library facility on site is available to the Palm Beach community. Researchers are required to sign in each day that they use the Archives and Library and fill out a User Registration Form. Photocopies may be made of materials for personal, educational or research reasons if materials are in good condition. Copies up to 8 ½” x 14” are 25 cents per sheet; 11” x 17” copies are 50 cents per sheet. Photographic and digital formats are also available. Extensive use of the archives for major research projects must be approved by the Executive Board of the foundation. The archives and operational records of the foundation itself are not available for research. For those who cannot visit the archives and library in person or who require extensive use of the archivist’s time, particularly with the handling of large format materials, the research fee is $50 per hour. The charges for copying large format materials are available upon request and vary depending on size and format. Additionally, one-time use fees are added to the copying charges and vary depending on the type of use for the copy or reproduction, such as for personal, commercial, exhibition, or publication. Mailing fees are extra. Payment of copying charges, use fees, and postage must be arranged in advance. Members of the foundation may receive a discount on use fees.