The Preservation Foundation


From guest lectures and seminars to teacher-training workshops, school field trips and elementary education classes, The Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach is deeply involved in many aspects of education. Using architecture, history and natural preservation as focal points, the foundation has created a variety of unique endeavors that provide children and adults with interesting and exciting educational opportunities that are rarely available elsewhere.

The foundation currently offers a variety of programs for adults, children and teachers alike including:

  • Adult education classes with guest lectures on Palm Beach’s early architects.
  • A Heritage Education program that engages area students to learn about the history and culture of their community through the local architecture.
  • School field trips at the 1886 Little Red Schoolhouse, the first one-room schoolhouse in South Florida that educates children about the pioneer way of life.
  • Discovery Education programs at Pan’s Garden features elementary school classes on botany, ethnobotany and Florida’s native plants.
  • Teacher-training workshops on how to incorporate local historic resources and structures into the curriculum.

Heritage Education: An approach to teaching and learning about history and culture that uses primary sources to help members of a community understand their local heritage and their connections to other cultures, regions and the world as a whole.

Little Red Schoolhouse: Home to The Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach’s “living history” program taking children back in time for a mini-day in a one-room school of the 1890s.

Pan’s Garden: A unique botanical garden consisting of over 300 native Florida plant species. The garden has been home to numerous interdisciplinary educational programs designed to provide students with a glimpse into the wonders of plants and the importance of preserving the world’s natural resources.

Interactive Quizzes: The Preservation Foundation has created five Interactive Quizzes that will test your knowledge of various subjects about Palm Beach.