The Preservation Foundation

The Foundation

As one of the first settlements in South Florida and the original winter playground of some of the most renowned industrialists and captains of industry, Palm Beach has a history and tradition unlike any other town in the region. A large part of that unique heritage is the architectural accomplishments that accompanied Palm Beach’s growth. Highlighted by the distinct styles of architects such as Addison Mizner, Marion Sims Wyeth, Maurice Fatio and John Volk, the structures built by these men tell the story and create the ambiance of Palm Beach.

Unfortunately, over the years the forces of speculation, development and modernization have challenged the viability of Palm Beach’s historic structures and have called into question their relevance in today’s society. For more than 25 years, the members of The Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach have united together to protect and maintain the architectural and cultural integrity of the town.  To accomplish such an important goal, the organization has focused its efforts and resources in four fundamental areas – architecture, community, advocacy and education. As the cornerstones of the Foundation’s mission, the organization supports and develops initiatives across each distinct discipline and over the course of its history has contributed to the community of Palm Beach in a variety of important ways.