The Preservation Foundation

Heritage Education

Heritage Education is an approach to teaching and learning about history and culture that uses primary sources from natural and built environments, material culture, oral histories, community practices, music, dance, and written documents to help members of a community understand their local heritage and their connections to other cultures, regions and the world as a whole.

In 1987, The Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach introduced its Heritage Education Program. The idea behind the concept was to teach children about the history and culture of Palm Beach through local architecture and cultural artifacts. Since that time, the program’s workshops have grown in popularity and are currently offered in several public and private schools in or near the Town of Palm Beach.

Since 1990, Palm Beach county teachers have participated in teacher training workshops sponsored by the foundation. These sessions are designed to instruct teachers how to create local heritage education programs in their own schools. In 1993, the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation presented The Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach its Outstanding Achievement Award in Education for the Heritage Education Program.