Environmentally-Friendly Horticultural Practices

Monday, April 2, 2018
Monday, April 2, 2018
Pan's Garden
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386 Hibiscus Avenue
Palm Beach, FL 33480
United States

Carl Terwilliger

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Palm Beach’s beautiful landscapes often put pressure on home owners to overzealously maintain their landscapes in belief that large amounts of water and chemicals are necessary for their beauty. However, recent research has shown that these practices tax our environment. Societally, we have recently seen a shift to lower water consumption and chemical usage. The incorporation of native plants into the landscape can greatly reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Over time native plants have adapted to their local environments, requiring less water, chemicals, and fertilizers than many exotic species because they have evolved to survive in the environment from which they originated. Please join us this season as native plant expert Carl Terwilliger, owner of Meadow Beauty Nursery leads us in discovering the benefits of native plants in the landscape. He will discuss their advantage to the local environment and the importance of planting the "right plant" for your landscape. 

Mr. Terwilliger began learning about plants when he was 14 by studying Euell Gibbons' books on edible wild plants. He has a four-year degree in agronomy from Delaware Valley University and after several agricultural-related jobs, settle down with Meadow Beauty Nursery in 1988.  Aside from his tenure as Garden Coordinator at Pan's Garden from November 1999 to June 2000, he has remained at Meadow Beauty Nursery where he continues to educate the public on the benefits of incorporating native plants into the landscape.

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