Earl E. T. Smith Park


In 1987, the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach purchased a parking lot in the Town Hall Historic District with the intention of creating an intimate park within the urban corridor that honored its founding Chairman Earl E. T. Smith.  

Since its dedication in 1989, Earl E.T. Smith Park has been a proud landmark in Palm Beach and a noteworthy illustration of the Preservation Foundation’s community-oriented goals. A beautiful tribute to Smith, a resident of Palm Beach for over 50 years, the park is an integral part of the area’s historic charm as it remains true to the Garden Club’s original plan for a town square dating back to 1929. Located directly west of town hall, the park’s charismatic architecture and lush landscaping provide a peaceful and tranquil escape for residents to truly enjoy.  

Earl E.T. Smith was a respected civic and political leader whose government career was distinguished by appointments from four presidents. He served his country and community as U.S. Ambassador to Cuba, Mayor of Palm Beach and as the first Chairman of the Board of the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach. This park honors Smith’s legendary public works, his efforts to better the lives of his fellow citizens and his passion for preserving the beauty of the town he loved – Palm Beach.  


356 South County Road
Palm Beach, FL 33480


Sunrise to Sunset