Heritage Education


The Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach introduced its Heritage Education Program at Palm Beach Day Academy in 1987 to teach about the history and culture of the community through the medium of local architecture. Since that time, the program has expanded its reach and is currently offered in several public and private schools in or near the Town of Palm Beach. 


Heritage Education is taught by a Preservation Foundation staff member with an educational background in Architecture and Historic Preservation over the course of six weeks.  The outreach program utilizes the Florida Sunshine State Standards for fourth-grade students in the subjects of Math, Science, Social Studies, and Visual Art.  


Through the Heritage Education Program, students learn to identify local historic structures and individuals related to community history, all while cultivating an understanding of the need for historic preservation.  Each unit focuses on a period of history and the corresponding architectural style. Walking tours provide the opportunity for real world application of knowledge gained in the classroom.  The program culminates in a house project that allows students to become architects and design their own building.  


Heritage Education instruction and materials are offered to the community free of charge through the generous support of the Preservation Foundation's members.  As the only program of its kind within the State of Florida, the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation presented the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach its Outstanding Achievement Award in Education in 1993. 


If you are interested in bringing the Heritage Education Program into your classroom, please contact Director of Education Aimee Sunny at asunny@palmbeachpreservation.org


To bring Heritage Education into your own home please download the workbook, and enjoy the video lessons and activities below:


Heritage Education Workbook


Heritage Education Answer Key (For Adults)


Architectural Scavenger Hunt


Unit 1

Native Americans: The First Structures


Mound Building Activity


Unit 2

Early Pioneers: Vernacular Architecture


Pioneer Farmhouse Simulation


Unit 3

The Flagler Era: Queen Anne Shingle Style

Sanborn Map Activity

Unit 4

Addison Mizner and Mediterranean Revival Architecture

Hocus Pocus: Mediterranean Revival