Restoring the Gold Coast Program

Furthering its mission to preserve the architectural, botanical, and cultural heritage of Palm Beach, the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach is pleased to partner with the Institute for Regional Conservation's Restoring the Gold Coast Program. 

Since 2019, when it was launched as a collaborative initiative by The Institute for Regional Conservation, Restoring the Gold Coast has been coordinating activities that restore the incredible beauty and diversity of plants and animals native to coastal ecosystems in southeastern Florida. A biologically diverse beach dune ecosystem is a healthy dune and the first line of defense against sea level rise, climate change, and catastrophic storms. Through restoration events and workshops, RGC teaches children and adults that they can personally be part of the solution to climate change and restoring our environment.

In 1994, the Preservation Foundation created Pan's Garden as a "botanical garden of native plants", thus establishing Florida's first all-native botanical garden. With a mission to protect and celebrate Florida’s indigenous plants and the wildlife they support, Pan's Garden has inspired people to add native plants to their own landscapes for nearly 30 years.

This new partnership, a combination of proven ecological responsibility in both the built and natural environments, will serve to further enhance and protect the coastal ecosystems of Palm Beach.