Encapsulating a lifetime of work into four categories: Flora and Fauna; Murals; Trompe L’Oeil; and Illustrations, the exhibition will showcase many of the artist's original pieces.

Lisa Craig

Ms. Craig is principal for The Craig Group, LLC, leading a team of design and planning professionals to support community leaders, local government and nonprofit organizations in growing the economic value and protecting the architectural and cultural integrity of historic communities.

Yale Whiffenpoofs

Every year, fourteen rising Yale seniors are selected to be the Whiffenpoofs, the world’s oldest and most famous collegiate a cappella group.

2018 Lesly S. Smith Lanscape Award Winner

The award recognizes a landscape design that is both in keeping with the character and traditions of Palm Beach, yet also original and forward-thinking.

Craig Huegel

Dr. Huegel is an ecologist/educator with extensive training and experience in wildlife and plant ecology, natural lands management, upland and wetland restoration, and on the impacts of urbanization on natural systems.

Ashley Wilson AIA

Ashley Wilson, AIA, the Graham Gund Architect for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, will present mitigation efforts for historic structures and neighborhoods at risk to sea-level rise.

Mizner v Mizner

The authors of Addison Mizner: The Architect Whose Genius Defined Palm Beach will discuss the arc of Mizner’s life.