Henry K. Harding Collection

1000 North Lake Way, photographed circa 1962
1000 North Lake Way, photographed circa 1962

Henry K. Harding (1904-1984)


Born in Dedham, Massachusetts in 1904, Henry Knowles Harding was educated at St. George’s School, Newport, Rhode Island. A graduate of Princeton, he received his degree in architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and post-graduate degrees from the Fontainebleau School in Paris and New York University. After graduation, he moved to Florida and apprenticed with the firms of Wyeth, King, & Johnson and Howard Major before opening his own office.  In 1936, Harding opened an office in Palm Beach, and later in nearby Ocean Ridge, where he practiced for forty years and designed over 400 residences and villas. Harding was known for his neo-classical designs and distinctive roof lines represented in the Bermuda style. Among Harding’s major works are Deux Horizons, a lake to ocean estate in the south end of Palm Beach and the original St. Mary’s Hospital in West Palm Beach.

Collection: The collection was donated in 1998 by Harding’s wife Lynn Harding and includes over 500 architectural drawings and 200 photographs.

Henry Harding
Henry Harding

1840 S. Ocean Boulevard, Deux Horizons, structural sections 

House on Tangier Avenue
House on Tangier Avenue, photographed circa 1950