John L. Volk Collection

John and Jane Volk
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Volk

The Preservation Foundation is pleased to announce the generous gift of the John L. Volk Collection by his son, John K. Volk, Jr.  Acquisition of the Volk Collection fulfills a longtime goal of the Foundation to house the last available architectural collection of one of Palm Beach’s great architects.  The Volk Collection will join the architectural collections of Marion Sims Wyeth, Belford Shoumate, and Henry K. Harding.

Shellie Labell, Director of Archives, is working with a team of consultants and interns to appraise, accession, and prepare the collection for storage in the Foundation’s climate-controlled archives. The collection contains over 26,000 architectural drawings by Volk, 300 volumes from his personal library, 4,000 photographs, and a collection of Volk family correspondence and social history documentation. 

The Foundation will commence digitization of the Volk Collection in 2019 to facilitate more efficient access and preserve the condition of the documents.  Donations are currently being accepted to advance this effort and naming opportunities are available.