Portico at Sunset


In these challenging times, we recognize the need to be outdoors and the importance of the environment that surrounds us.  Social distancing has altered our experience of the world, but we can still feel connected through the architecture and landscapes we share.  While the Preservation Foundation may be closed temporarily, we remain dedicated to our mission to inspire you to learn about the historic and natural sites that make Palm Beach special. 

Let's stay connected through #PFPBAnywhere, a locus for content exploring the architectural, cultural, and botanical heritage of Palm Beach.  Here you can discover new ways to appreciate our town through walking tours, videos, exhibition catalogues, activities for kids, and virtual events.  

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Fresh air is good for the mind and body.  Explore the history of different areas in town on foot or by car:


Tune in to our YouTube channel for images and soundbites exploring our natural and built environments. 



Explore the people and places that have helped define Palm Beach through our past exhibitions.

Exhibition Catalogues



Looking for activities to supplement your distance learning adventures?  Heritage Education teaches kids about the history and culture of Palm Beach through the medium of local architecture.  By completing the activities in the workbooks below, kids will learn how to read a building, identify different architectural styles in their neighborhood, and more!  

Heritage Education Videos and Activities

Little Red Schoolhouse Activities


Although the gates to Pan's Garden are currently closed, kids can learn about the importance of creating habitats for butterflies, bees, and birds by exploring their own backyards.

Pan's Garden Activities