Architectural Image Archives

Royal Poinciana Chapel
Royal Poinciana Chapel, circa 1950s

The Architectural Image Archives contains historic photographs, digitized slides and negatives, and postcards. 

  • The Barbara Hoffstot photography collection was donated in the late 1990s and includes over 200 original photographs from the publication of Landmark Architecture in Palm Beach. The photographs are part of the Property Files collection at the Foundation which document vital information about the built environment of Palm Beach.
  • The Postcard collection consists of two donations from Leslie Robert Evans (2000) and Olive Gowen (2006).  The approximately 1,000 images in the collection capture the early hotels and resort lifestyle in Palm Beach. Many of the cards are postmarked in the 1920s-1930s and offer a glimpse into life at that time.   In 2001, the Preservation Foundation published a selection of postcards from its collections in Palm Beach--The Way We Were.
  • In 2017 Patrick Montgomery donated over 2,000 photographic negatives taken by Bert Morgan and his son Richard.  These images document Palm Beach’s architectural and social history from the 1930s-1970s.  The entire Bert Morgan Archive, consisting of over 500,000 negatives, is administered by Archive Farms, Inc.