Spring 2022 Foundation News

The Elizabeth L. and John H. Schuler Award
The Lesly S. Smith Landscape Award
1878 Series: Earth Day
Documentary Premiere: La Claridad
40th Anniversary of the Dinner Dance
The Volk Dinner
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Property Values & Landmarking
Property Values & Landmarking in Palm Beach

The Preservation Foundation funded a study, as a gift to the Town of Palm Beach, that looked at how the Town’s Landmarks program affects property values. Long a topic of intense debate, this study presented updated factual data to expand upon the similar studies completed by the Foundation in 1997 and 2005. These previous studies generally did not find that Landmarking negatively affected property values, and we’re pleased to share that the latest study found that Landmarked properties actually command a premium in the marketplace of 6.2-13.7%.

Winter 2022 Foundation News Cover
Winter 2022 Foundation News

Southwood Book Signing
MSW: Architect & Artist Exhibition Opening
Lectures & Booksignings
Garden Talks 2021
Native Birds of Florida by Francesca Anderson
2021 Robert I. Ballinger Awarded to Golfview Road
Volk Walk at the Royal Poinciana Plaza
Landmarks Property Value Study

Cover of Fall 2021 Foundation News
Fall 2021 Foundation News

Letter from the President & CEO
Donor Profile: Liz and John Schuler
Internship and Scholarships
Season Preview
Native Plant List
Expanding Beyond the Walls of Pan's Garden
New Advancement Associate
Advocacy and the Archives

Spring Cover
Spring 2021 Foundation News

Reflections on Wildly Exquisite: Florida's Native Plants
From Palm Beach to Shangri-La: The Architecture of Marion Sims Wyeth
2021 Virtual Dinner Dance
Annual Giving 2021-2022
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Duck's Nest
Winter 2021 Foundation News

Phipps Ocean Park
2020 Robert I. Ballinger Awarded to Duck's Nest
Wildly Exquisite: Florida's Native Plants
Demonstration Hedge at Pan' Garden

Fall 2020 Newsletter Cover
Fall 2020 Foundation News

Letter from the Executive Director
Event Plan for the 2020-2021 Season
Master Plan for Phipps Ocean Park
2020 Historic Properties Workshop
Preservation Advocacy
Landmark Discovered Series
Polly Jessup Design Series
New Director of Archives Joins Staff
Monograph on Marion Sims Wyeth
2020 Anthony K. Baker Internship
The John D. Mashek and Jerry A. Tishman Scholarships
Your Impact by the Numbers
Calendar of Events

Spring 2020 Foundation News
Spring 2020 Foundation News

Earl E. T. Smith Preservation Park Rededication
Schultze and Weaver Dinner
1878 Series
2020 Dinner Dance
The Elizabeth L. and John H. Schuler Award
Lesly S. Smith Landscape Award
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Winter 2020 Foundation News

Founder's Dinner
2020 Garden Talks
2019 Robert I. Ballinger Awarded to Concha Marina
The Water Rising Series
Schultze and Weaver: Architects of the Resort
Collaboration with J. McLaughlin 

2019-2020 Season Profile

Lecture Series
Garden Classes
Anniversary Celebrations
Calendar of Events