Schuler Award


The 2020 Elizabeth L. and John H. Schuler Award was presented to homeowners Jill and Avie Glazer for their Palm Beach residence.  Designed by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan of Studio MK27, the home represents the architect's first private commission to be built in the United States.  The Elizabeth L. and John H. Schuler Award was founded in 2005 to recognize achievement in new architecture that expresses superior design and also complements the architectural history of Palm Beach.

Studio MK27's minimalist design projects warmth through natural materials and illustrates how a beautiful and livable space can be designed without reliance on variances from the local zoning code.  By focusing on building out rather than up, the one-story building emphasizes a connection with the surrounding gardens and outdoor spaces created by landscape designer Keith Williams of Nievera Williams.  The residence is a thoughtful departure from the traditional architecture of its Estate Section location--an area defined by Mediterranean Revival-style estates designed by architects Marion Sims Wyeth, Maurice Fatio, and John Volk during the 1920s--that exemplifies how contemporary buildings can coexist with the historic fabric of the community.


The stone wall divides the house into tow programmatic volumes:  The social area in the glass box that opens onto the garden/pool and the private area in the wooden volume.


The glass box, which houses the social area, projects itself over the pool, intensifying the feeling that the house is floating above the ground.


The wooden slatted ceiling and the stone-covered floor slab are two elements that strengthen the horizontal proportions of the project.

All photos by Pedro Kok, courtesy of Studio MK27.

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